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Kamari Somers

Production Assistant

The Best Place to Start for Aspiring Professionals

"You get to see what every department does"

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Jobs in Film

Where it Begins

Production assistants are an army of go-getters on a set who help execute on details. PAs often work in a specific department, for example a PA placed in the grip department will help the team set lights and stay focused on that. Sometimes, the role is more general, like managing walkie-talkies that help all departments communicate on a large set.

Whatever the role, work as a PA is the most common way professionals get their start in the film business. It's the best way to learn about roles and responsibilities, and a great way to begin networking as well.

Getting a Start as PA

To get started as a PA, first, be humble. Show up on set ahead of the time you're told to be there. Be ready to work - days can run 12 hours, so wear comfortable shoes and clothing. The best thing you can do is listen and observe, do not offer your opinions unless someone specifically requests them. Ask questions if you need to clarify something you're asked to do. If you have a question for one of the crew, try to approach them over a lunch or a break - don't interrupt people when there's work to be done!

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Production assistants are the starting point for almost all careers on set, and provide an invaluable learning experience!

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