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George Jaber

Film Carpenter

Constructor of sets

Skills + simple tools = a great career

Film Carpenter Responsibilities

Did that TV show or movie get permission to tape in the White House? Nope! Someone like George built that set on a soundstage, which is a large open space in a building like a warehouse. Film carpenters construct walls out of "flats" that can be combined, painted and decorated to look like a real room. Film carpenters may also construct other elements of a set like floors or even ceilings (if they aren't being left open for easy camera access).  Sometimes they construct a very common filming tool called an apple box (shown right). These help add height to actors or objects and are not seen on camera. 


See the unfinished backside of a set wall or flat in the lower left corner of this image. Film carpenters build whole world so stories come to life on screen.

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nail gun
Jobs in Film

Essential tools

Tape Measure: for accurate dimensions and cuts

Power tools: like drills and saws

Hand tools: including your typical hammers, screwdrivers and other tool box basics

Air tools: compressed air gives pneumatic tools extra power to drive nails quickly and cleanly. George's nail gun pictured left.

Wood: set walls are framed by wood, like 2x4s. When filming ends, wood is recycled to make walls for the next production. 

Fun fact: George had a lot of wood left over from projects. Rather than throw it out, he was able to build a deck and other elements for his home!

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Costumes tell a story about a character. The wardrobe team weaves their talent into the overall effort to tell stories through film.

Assistant Director

A leader on set, "ADs" ensure that the project is on time, the cast and crew
are safe, and the vision for the film
comes to be.


A producer organizes, assembles the team, plans out the day and makes projects possible by blending creative and collaborative skills.