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Reese Randall

Casting Associate

Connects Actors with Film Roles

“You need to know how to appreciate the differences people bring.”

Casting Associate Responsibilities

The casting associate assists the casting director to find actors to fill roles in upcoming projects.  In charge of casting calls and auditions, they  create a list of talent suitable for consideration by the casting director and filmmaker.  Casting associates communicate with clients and talent to schedule and finalize bookings.

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Jobs in Film

The Casting Department

Casting Directors and Associates: Identifies new talent for consideration by filmmakers.

Casting Call: A meeting to meet with actors who have potential for a role.

Agents: Represent actors, will forward talent that meets a casting requirement to casting directors for consideration.

SAG/AFTRA: A union, or collective bargaining unit, that represents actors. Actors work in the business for sometime before qualifying to join the unions. Once they qualify and join, the union has rules that spell out pay rates and working conditions on set, and also support actors with benefits like insurance and retirement planning.

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Casting professionals connect actors and directors, like film matchmakers, to find the right people to play a role.

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Background acting gets your foot in the door to be on camera, but sometimes that on-set experience leads to a career behind-the-scenes.

Film Carpenter

See the unfinished backside of a set wall or flat in the lower left corner of this image. Film carpenters build whole worlds so stories come to life on screen.

Script Supervisor

Scenes are shot from different angles, at different times.  "Scriptys" are on set for every take ensuring continuity to make movie magic.