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Danielle Volkar


Knows All About Clothes

“Stain stick!”

Costume/Wardrobe Responsibilities

Professionals in the costume department locate, style, maintain and clean all the clothing and accessories that actors wear. If a costume needs to look dirty or distressed, costumers have tricks to add that look...and sometimes even add it uniformly across identical garments in case one gets wrecked and another is needed.  Sometimes costumers create clothing from scratch using sewing skills, but more often they source it from stores, thrift stores or businesses that rent specialty apparel. 

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Jobs in Film

Tools for Costumers

Set Kits: A collection of essentials tools for filming days including sewing and repair items, tools to distress clothes, and cleaning supplies.

Clothing Rack: To keep costumes tidy and most important: organized.

After the Shoot: Wardrobers clean all of the clothes. 

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Costumes tell a story about a character. The wardrobe team weaves their talent into the overall effort to tell stories through film.

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More Jobs in Film!

Graphic Designer

From vintage prop recreations to branding an entire retail shop for a movie, art and graphic design skills are in demand for film sets.

Special Effects

Special effects artists work with costumers, directors, producers and make-up artists to create convincing worlds for film audiences.

Production Assistant

Production assistants are the starting point for almost all careers on set,
and provide an invaluable
learning experience!