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Raquel Bouvy

Graphic Designer

The Talent Behind the Visual Elements You Might Not Think Of

“Be creative and be an artist!"

Graphic Design Responsibilities

Rarely will a production use a "real" store or book or design. It's easier to create a fictitious element that does and says exactly what the story calls for. In previous roles, Raquel has been asked to create every element of coffee shop, from the shop's name and logo, to cups and aprons held by servers, to the flyers advertising community events on the wall. Raquel has extensive knowledge of materials and print production to pull off a convincing setting that's completely created for the movie or show she's working on. 

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Jobs in Film

The Art Department

Raquel's position is part of a film's art department. Some other roles for artists include:

Set Decorator/dresser: Selecting and placing furniture and other elements that set the scene.

Concept or storyboard artist: In the preproduction phase, these artists will visualize concepts either for the look of a scene, or the way a scene will be shot, frame by frame. 

Property master: Anything an actor picks up or interacts with becomes a prop. Sometimes they need to also have a special effect, like a weapon that appears to hurt someone but of course, really doesn't.

Set Construction: Members of this team build the big walls and elements that create the structure for a set.

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From vintage prop recreations to branding an entire retail shop for a movie, art and graphic design skills are in demand for film sets.

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