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Larissa Lane

Make-up Artist

Bringing Out Beauty with Knowledge

“Enhancing the look"

A Make-up Artist's Day

First thing, Larissa will do a complete make-up application that matches what the director tells her about the character or talent. She draws on her knowledge of color theory, specific make-up products, skin tones and set conditions (such as type of lighting) to create a look for each person involved in a production. Then, she'll be on set all day to keep that look fresh and consistent for every take with touch-ups. Additionally, Larissa is one of the few crew members who typically brings and maintains her own supplies. 

Wardrobe and hair styling is often covered by separate professionals, but depending on the scope of the project, sometimes make-up artists may help with these roles as well. 

larissa brush
mua brush
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Tools for Make-up Artists

Make-up for every skin tone: "MUAs" work with a diverse cast, so professionals stock their kit with foundations and powders in every shade.

Specialty foundations: Often, an actor needs to look like they aren't wearing make-up, but it's necessary to even out blemishes or mitigate natural oils that make a person's skin look shiny. Different natural tinted creams and powders achieve the look.

Applicators: including high-quality brushes that stand up to frequent cleaning, or single-use q-tips to apply products like lip gloss that shouldn't be "double dipped."

Talent smock: to keep make-up from landing on a costume.

Make-up remover: whether for the end of the day, or to change up a look, MUAs have products to take make-up off!

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Make-up artists most often enhance the look of an actor or on-screen talent. But, specialists also know how to manipulate color, light and the interplay with a camera to get a unique or compelling look.

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