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Jobs in Film

Types of Producers

Film producers: More likely to be handling lots of details related to complex budgets, clearing rights, and hiring the right talent for big teams.

TV/Line producers: Deal with the day-of details to assemble a newscast, manage a budget, or handle specific details for a shoot.

Field producers: Work with teams on site to tell a story, usually a documentary or feature/nonfiction story.

Consulting producers: a title for people who bring specific expertise to a project. 

Producer Responsibilities

Producer roles vary widely while using the same title. Some producers work on set with a long list of general responsibilities.  Others might be offsite, with a specific focus such as managing digital effects as part of post-production. Sometimes producer roles even include writing scripts or working on schedules, which are common descriptions for screenwriters and directors. 

Regardless of the details of the job, producers are the organizers of media projects. Even a simple shooting day has a number of details, and you can count on producers to keep track of it all.

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A team leader and organizer extraordinaire, producers assemble the team, plan out the day and make projects possible by blending creative and collaborative skills.

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More Jobs in Film!

Assistant Director

A leader on set, "ADs" ensure that the project is on time, the cast and crew
are safe, and the vision for the film
comes to be.

Script Supervisor

Scenes are shot from different angles, at different times.  "Scriptys" are on set for every take ensuring continuity to make movie magic.

Graphic Designer

From vintage prop recreations to branding an entire retail shop for a movie, art
and graphic design skills are in demand for film sets.