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Nandita Mahesh

Script Supervisor

The King or Queen of Continuity

“Organized and detailed"

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What Script Supervisors Look For

Continuity: Where is a water bottle? How full is it? Which hand does an actor grab it with? Script supervisors track every small detail. 

Each 'take' on a scene: Scriptys also log every take and note director's preferences. Their notes go to the post production team to use when editing.

Slating:  The "clapper" (pictured left) is managed by a camera assistant. At the beginning of each take, it includes information about the shot. The information included comes from the script supervisor.

You Might be a Scripty if...

Have you ever noticed something change between angles in a movie scene? Do you love to see small details? Are you addicted to the 'goofs' section of IMDB? If so, you might have the eagle eye of a script supervisor. 

Some good ways to explore this job would be to work as a background actor and observe how a film set works. Understanding the various roles and camera lingo is important.

Many independent films don't have big budgets to include a script supervisor. Whether through film school or by finding low-budget films, this is a skill you can practice by paying attention to details. 

nandita concentrates
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Scenes are shot from different angles, at different times. When items move, it breaks the movie magic.  "Scriptys" are on set for every take, making sure everything is in its place. 

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