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Explore jobs in film!

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High schoolers: learn about careers in entertainment!

We’ve got details to explore key roles in the film profession. Scroll down to begin exploring jobs.

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Jobs in Film

Actor, Background

Be in front of the camera: background acting gets your foot in the door to explore careers

Assistant Director

A leader on set, ADs ensure the project is on time, the cast and crew are safe, and the vision for the film comes to be.

Casting Associate

Casting professionals connect actors and directors, like film matchmakers, to find the right people to play a role.


Leader of teams that ensure the director's vision comes to life through images, sharp focus, lighting, framing and more.


Costumes tell a story about a character. The wardrobe team weaves their talent into the overall effort to tell stories through film.

Film Carpenter

Film carpenters build whole worlds, creating sets so stories come to life on screen.

Graphic Designer

From vintage prop recreations to branding an entire retail shop for a movie, art and graphic design skills are in demand for film sets.

Key Grip

Creativity, responsibility, and teamwork. Grips are the lifeblood of life on set, and no movie would get done without them!

Make-up Artist

Make-up artists most often enhance the look of an actor or on-screen talent. But, specialists also know how to manipulate color, light and the interplay with a camera to get a unique or compelling look.


A team leader and organizer extraordinaire, producers assemble the team, plan out the day and make projects possible by blending creative and collaborative skills.

Production Assistant

Production assistants are the starting point for almost all careers on set, and provide an invaluable learning experience!


Audio is one of the essential pillars for film and television production. Much like editing, if you have an interest in music you could find a fit in the audio field.

Script supervisor

Scenes are shot from different angles, at different times. When items move, it breaks the movie magic. "Scriptys" are on set for every take, making sure everything is in its place.

Special Effects

Special effects artists work with many people on set, including costumers, directors, producers and make-up artists to bring the unreal to life.

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