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Kamari Somers

Assistant Director

Keeps the Production Safe and On Track

"Get everybody home on time, and keep everybody safe."

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Jobs in Film

Types of Directors

Director: The mastermind with the vision for the overall film.

Assistant director: a team member focused on safety and timeliness, sometimes called the 1st AD.

2nd AD: usually focuses on making call sheets to communicate shoot details with crew and keeping the talent in position to be ready to shoot when necessary.

Assistant Director Responsibilities

While the assistant director is absolutely assisting the director, they have distinct responsibilities. In general ADs focus on details to keep the shoot moving and let the director focus on creative decisions. Film shoots can easily go over on time, so an AD monitors the progress to make sure everything gets shot. Additionally, ADs focus on safety. From heavy equipment overhead to harrowing stunts, film sets can be dangerous places. ADs are skilled in a variety of safety protocols to keep everyone safe.

While working as a 1st or 2nd AD can be a career path into directing, it is often a role that people are sought out to do over and again because of how important it is, and the unique set of skills required to be successful.

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A leader on set, "ADs" ensure that the project is on time, the cast and crew are safe, and the vision for the film comes to be.

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