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Haji Muya


AKA Director of Photography and all things camera related

“establishes the visual look of a movie.”

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Jobs in Film

Roles in cinematography

Cinematographer or "DP" Director of Photography: Head of the Camera Department, also oversees lighting team

1st Assistant Cameraman: Assembles the camera and monitors shots to make sure subjects are in focus.

Loaders or DIT: team member who focus on recorded media. Loaders will thread film into cameras. More commonly since film is used less often, a Digital Imaging Technician (DIT) manages camera cards or digital files, and may also monitor image quality.

Steadicam or crane operator: operate a camera for specialized shots in tight places or overhead.

Production assistant: an apprentice learning camera skills and assisting on set

DP Responsibilities

A director of photography becomes the eyes of the production, thinking through technical and artistic details related to capturing footage. For some productions, they operate cameras and are known as cinematographers. DPs are critical team members who are usually involved in pre-production, shooting and editing and are skilled in managing others to get the perfect shot.

jumoke wow
jumoke wow

Part of a team that ensures the director's vision comes to life through sharp focus, lighting, framing and more.

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More Jobs in Film!

Sound Mixer

Audio is one of the essential pillars for film and television production. Much like editing, if you have an interest in music you could find a fit in the audio field.

Special Effects

Special effects artists work with costumers, directors, producers and make-up artists to create convincing worlds for film audiences.

Film Carpenter

See the unfinished backside of a set wall or flat in the lower left corner of this image. Film carpenters build whole worlds so stories come to life on screen.