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Ray Edwards

Key Grip

Film Equipment Guru

“Grips shape the light.”

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Jobs in Film

Types of Grips

Key Grip: Head of the Grip Department

Best Boy: Foreman of the Grip Department, second in command

Grips: AKA company grips, a team of 6 or more grips working together

Dolly Grip: places and pushes a dolly, which is a track for a smooth, moving camera shot.

Production assistant: an apprentice learning grip skills and assisting on set

Key Grip Responsibilities

Grips manage equipment related to cameras, including cameras, tripods, dollies and lights. They figure out what equipment is needed, and locate each piece to be ready on set for filming days. They’ll unpack it, position it, and work with the director of photography to make sure each shot is well-lit, sharp, and beautiful.

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jumoke wow

Creativity, responsibility, and teamwork. Grips are the lifeblood of life on set, and no movie would get done without them!

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